Definition & Meaning of "TDF"

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tdf :
To Die For

Usage of TDF

The abbreviation TDF is commonly used in online and texting conversations to express something that is absolutely amazing, incredible or remarkable, and is often said to be 'To Die For'. This slang phrase is usually used to indicate enthusiasm, praise, and admiration towards something.

Example 1 of TDF used in texting: "OMG, I just had this chocolate cake from the new bakery and it's TDF!"

Example 2 of TDF used in texting: "Just got back from Hawaii, the beaches there are TDF."

Example 3 of TDF used in texting: "The new iPhone cameras are just TDF, I can't believe the quality of the pictures they take."

These examples demonstrate how the phrase TDF is used in texting to express sheer excitement and enthusiasm for something. Whether it's a chocolate cake, a beautiful beach or a high-quality camera, TDF can be used to describe anything that is truly remarkable or amazing.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tdf"

tdf :
To Die For

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