Definition & Meaning of "TBYA"

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tbya :
think before you act

Usage of TBYA

The abbreviation TBYA is used as a reminder to pause and consider the possible consequences of one's actions before taking any action. It encourages individuals to think critically and assess the situation before making a decision. This can help prevent hasty decisions that could lead to negative outcomes such as regret, harm to oneself, or damage to relationships.

Examples of TBYA used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Hey, should I tell our boss about the mistake you made on the project?"
Friend 2: "TBYA, it might be better if we both own up to it together."
(Explanation: Friend 2 is advising Friend 1 to think before deciding to shift the blame.)

2. Mom: "Can you pick up your little brother from school today?"
Teen: "TBYA, I have an exam at the same time."
(Explanation: The teen is reminding their mom to consider their conflicting priorities before making a request.)

3. Partner: "I bought plane tickets for us to visit my family next month without consulting you."
Partner 2: "TBYA, we discussed planning trips together beforehand."
(Explanation: Partner 2 is reminding their partner to think before taking unilateral action that affects both of them.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tbya"

tbya :
think before you act

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