Definition & Meaning of "TBPFH"

What does tbpfh mean? View the definition of tbpfh and all related slang terms containing tbpfh below:

tbpfh :
To be perfectly f**king honest

Usage of TBPFH

The abbreviation TBPFH is an informal way to preface a statement that is intended to be blunt or frank. It stands for "To be perfectly f**king honest" and is often used in casual conversation or social media.

Example of TBPFH used in texting:
1. "TBPFH, I don't really like going to parties anymore. I'd rather just stay home and watch movies."
2. "I know you're excited about your new haircut, but TBPFH, I liked it better before."
3. "TBPFH, I think we should just order pizza tonight instead of trying to cook something."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tbpfh"

tbpfh :
To be perfectly f**king honest

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