Definition & Meaning of "TBFH"

What does tbfh mean? View the definition of tbfh and all related slang terms containing tbfh below:

tbfh :
to be f**king honest

Usage of TBFH

The abbreviation TBFH is commonly used in informal communication, especially in texting, to indicate that the sender is about to express their honest and unfiltered opinion about something. It stands for "to be f**king honest," and often implies that the following statement may be controversial, blunt, or critical.

Example of TBFH used in texting:
1. Hey, TBFH I think your new haircut looks terrible. Maybe you should go back to your old style?
2. I know this might offend you, but TBFH I don't think you're ready for that promotion yet. You need to work on your communication skills.
3. TBFH, I'm getting tired of always being the one who has to initiate plans with you. Can you start making an effort to stay in touch?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tbfh"

tbfh :
to be f**king honest

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