Definition & Meaning of "TBCH"

What does tbch mean? View the definition of tbch and all related slang terms containing tbch below:

tbch :
to be completely honest

Usage of TBCH

TBCH is an abbreviation used widely in texting and social media platforms that stands for 'to be completely honest'. It is often used to preface a statement that the speaker believes may be uncomfortable, taboo, or difficult to express. This abbreviation is commonly used in casual conversations, texting, or posts online, where people want to be upfront and sincere about their thoughts or feelings. By using TBCH, people can express their opinions without worrying about judgment or misunderstanding.

Examples of TBCH used in texting:

1. Example of TBCH used in texting: "TBCH, I didn't really enjoy the party last night. It was too loud for me."

2. Example of TBCH used in texting: "TBCH, I think you're making a mistake by dropping out of college. I don't think it's the right decision."

3. Example of TBCH used in texting: "TBCH, I'm not really feeling the vibe of our relationship lately. I think we should talk about what we want from each other."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tbch"

tbch :
to be completely honest

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