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tat :

Usage of TAT

The abbreviation 'TAT' stands for 'that'. It is commonly used in texting to make the message shorter and easier to type. The word 'that' can refer to a specific thing or person that has been mentioned before or is already known to the recipient of the text. Using the abbreviation 'TAT' can save time and effort when typing out a message, especially when sending multiple text messages.

Examples of 'TAT' used in texting:

1. "Can you pass me TAT book you were reading earlier?" - This message refers to a specific book that was previously mentioned.

2. "I'm going to wear TAT dress I bought last week to the party tonight." - The message refers to a dress that the recipient is already familiar with.

3. "I can't believe TAT movie we saw last night was so good!" - The message refers to a movie that the sender and recipient watched together recently.

Examples of TAT used in texting.

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tat :
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