Definition & Meaning of "T4M"

What does t4m mean? View the definition of t4m and all related slang terms containing t4m below:

t4m :
Transgender for Male

Usage of T4M

T4M is an abbreviation used in the LGBTQ+ community that refers to a transgender individual who is seeking a male partner. This means that a person who identifies as transgender, and was assigned female at birth, is looking for a male partner. The term T4M is commonly used on dating apps and websites by transgender people who are looking for romantic relationships, hook-ups, or friendships with men who are interested in dating a transgender person.

Examples of T4M used in texting:
1. Hey, I'm a trans guy looking for a male partner. Are you interested in meeting up? #T4M
2. Just wanted to clarify my profile says T4M, in case you were confused about my gender identity!
3. Any cis guys interested in dating a trans man? Hit me up! #T4M

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "t4m"

t4m :
Transgender for Male
w8t4me :
wait for me

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