Definition & Meaning of "T.T.Y.L"

What does t.t.y.l mean? View the definition of t.t.y.l and all related slang terms containing t.t.y.l below:

t.t.y.l :
Talk To You Later

Usage of T.T.Y.L

The abbreviation T.T.Y.L is a popular text abbreviation used to indicate that the person will talk to the other one later. It is used when the conversation is going to be paused and resumed at a later time or when the person needs to go somewhere for a while. This abbreviation saves time and helps keep the conversation going smoothly.

Examples of T.T.Y.L used in texting:

1. Hey, gotta run to the store real quick. T.T.Y.L
2. Can we talk about our project tomorrow? Got a lot of things to do today. T.T.Y.L
3. Thanks for chatting with me today, feeling a bit exhausted. T.T.Y.L

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "t.t.y.l"

t.t.y.l :
Talk To You Later

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