Definition & Meaning of "SROUCKS"

What does sroucks mean? View the definition of sroucks and all related slang terms containing sroucks below:

sroucks :
that's cool, but it still sucks

Usage of SROUCKS

The abbreviation SROUCKS is a combination of two different phrases that are frequently used in conversations. It comes from the phrases "that's cool" and "but it still sucks," which are combined to create a new word that is used when someone wants to express mixed feelings about something. SROUCKS is often used when a person appreciates the positive aspects of a situation, but still recognizes that there are negative aspects that cannot be ignored.

Example of SROUCKS used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "I got tickets to the concert tomorrow!"
Friend 2: "SROUCKS, I have to work and can't go."
2. Person 1: "I finally got a promotion at work!"
Person 2: "SROUCKS, the new job requires you to work extra hours."
3. Student 1: "I passed my final exams!"
Student 2: "SROUCKS, I failed one of mine and have to retake it."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sroucks"

sroucks :
that's cool, but it still sucks

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