Definition & Meaning of "SORG"

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sorg :
Straight or Gay

Usage of SORG

The abbreviation SORG is commonly used in texting and online communication to refer to one's sexual orientation. SORG means 'Straight or Gay' and can be used to ask someone about their sexual preference or to describe one's own. This term is especially useful in situations where someone is unsure or uncomfortable using specific labels like heterosexual or homosexual. SORG is a simple and inclusive term that allows people to express their sexual orientation without fear of judgement or discrimination.

Examples of SORG used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Hey, have you met my new roommate?
Friend 2: No, what's their SORG?
2. Me: My mom keeps asking if I've found a boyfriend yet, but I'm not really sure about my SORG.
3. Crush: So, what's your SORG?
Me: I'm gay. What about you?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sorg"

sorg :
Straight or Gay

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