Definition & Meaning of "SOL"

What does sol mean? View the definition of sol and all related slang terms containing sol below:

sol :
s**t outta luck

Usage of SOL

The term SOL, which stands for 's**t outta luck', is commonly used to describe a situation where one finds themselves in an unfortunate or unfavorable circumstance with no apparent solution or positive outcome. People often use this abbreviation to express their disappointment or frustration with a situation they have been placed in, or to commiserate with someone who is facing a difficult situation.

Examples of SOL used in texting:
- Example 1: "Sorry man, I forgot to bring the keys and now we're SOL for the night."
- Example 2: "Looks like our flight got canceled due to bad weather. SOL for us."
- Example 3: "I just missed the deadline for the scholarship application. SOL for me, I guess."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "sol"

alotbsol :
always look on the bright side of life
sol :
s**t outta luck

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