Definition & Meaning of "RUMF"

What does rumf mean? View the definition of rumf and all related slang terms containing rumf below:

rumf :
Are you male or female

Usage of RUMF

"RUMF" is an abbreviation commonly used in texting and online conversations. It stands for "Are You Male or Female?" and is often used as a question to get to know someone's gender. The term is frequently used on social media platforms, especially when users want to find out more information about persons they've met online.

Examples of RUMF used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey, I think you're really cool! RUMF?
Person B: I'm a girl, what about you?

2. Person A: I love your username, but I can't tell if you're male or female. RUMF?
Person B: I'm male, thanks for asking!

3. Person A: I saw your profile picture and I'm not sure if you're a boy or girl. RUMF?
Person B: I'm female, nice to meet you!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "rumf"

rumf :
Are you male or female

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