Definition & Meaning of "RU18"

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ru18 :
are you 18

Usage of RU18

RU18 is a common abbreviation used in texting that stands for "are you 18". The phrase is often used in the context of asking someone about their age, particularly if they are legally of age to do something. This could include purchasing certain items, seeing an R-rated movie, or engaging in sexual activity. RU18 is a quick and easy way to ask someone about their age without having to type out the full question.

Examples of RU18 used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey, you want to come to the party tonight?
Person B: Sure, what time is it and RU18?

2. Person A: This movie looks really good, want to go see it tonight?
Person B: I'm down, but RU18 for the R-rated scenes?

3. Person A: Do you want to grab some drinks after work?
Person B: Sounds great, just one question, RU18 for the bar we're going to?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ru18"

ru18 :
are you 18

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