Definition & Meaning of "RCVD"

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rcvd :

Usage of RCVD

RCVD is an abbreviation for the word 'received'. This term is often used when referring to the confirmation of receiving a message, a package, an email or any other kind of communication. It is a widely used abbreviation in texting and instant messaging.

Examples of RCVD used in texting:

1. Hey, did you RCVD the email I just sent you? - Example of RCVD used in texting
2. I just RCVD my package from Amazon. Finally! - Example of RCVD used in texting
3. RCVD your message loud and clear. Let's meet up tomorrow. - Example of RCVD used in texting

Using RCVD in text messaging makes communication quicker and more efficient, as it saves time and space on the screen. It's a convenient way to communicate that the intended message or item has been received by the intended recipient.

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rcvd :

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