Definition & Meaning of "RAOFLMAO"

What does raoflmao mean? View the definition of raoflmao and all related slang terms containing raoflmao below:

raoflmao :
rolling around on floor laughing my ass off


The abbreviation RAOFLMAO is commonly used in texting and online conversations. It stands for 'rolling around on floor laughing my ass off'. This abbreviation is used to express a high level of amusement or hilarity. It is often used in response to a funny joke, meme, or video. It is a way to convey that something is so hilarious that the person is physically rolling on the floor laughing.

Example of RAOFLMAO used in texting:
1. Person A: Did you see the video of the cat falling off the table?
Person B: Yes! RAOFLMAO, that was hilarious.

2. Person A: I just told my mom a bad joke, and she rolled her eyes so hard.
Person B: RAOFLMAO, that's so typical of moms.

3. Person A: My boss just sent out the most ridiculous email.
Person B: RAOFLMAO, I can't believe he actually wrote that.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "raoflmao"

raoflmao :
rolling around on floor laughing my ass off

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