Definition & Meaning of "R8T"

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r8t :

Usage of R8T

The abbreviation 'R8T' is commonly used in online messaging to represent the word 'rate'. It is usually used to ask someone to give their opinion or rating on something, whether it be a product or service, a photo, or even a person's appearance. The use of 'R8T' saves time and is a quick way of asking for feedback.

Examples of R8T used in texting:

1. Can you R8T this new dress I bought? I want to know if it looks good on me. (Example of R8T used to ask for an opinion on clothing)

2. Hey, can you R8T this movie I'm thinking of watching? Is it worth my time? (Example of R8T used to ask for a rating on a movie)

3. My friend just set me up on a blind date. Can you R8T him based on his profile picture? (Example of R8T used to ask for an opinion on someone's appearance)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "r8t"

gr8t :
r8t :

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