Definition & Meaning of "PLZ"

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plz :

Usage of PLZ

The abbreviation 'PLZ' is commonly used in texting and messaging applications as a shorthand for the word 'please.' It is often used when asking someone to do something for you or as a polite request. The use of this abbreviation is common due to the limited space that is offered by text messaging applications and social media platforms.

Examples of PLZ used in texting:
1. Example of PLZ used in texting: "Can you send me that document by 5 pm PLZ?"
2. Example of PLZ used in texting: "PLZ don't forget to pick up bread from the store."
3. Example of PLZ used in texting: "I'm running late, PLZ let the professor know I won't make it to class today."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "plz"

plz :
plzkthx :
Please? OK, Thank you
plzthx :
please? Thanks
pplz :

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