Definition & Meaning of "PLOM"

What does plom mean? View the definition of plom and all related slang terms containing plom below:

plom :
parents looking over me

Usage of PLOM

The abbreviation PLOM stands for 'parents looking over me.' It is used to describe the feeling of being under the watchful eyes of parents, guardians or authority figures who are monitoring one's actions or behavior. This can be particularly common for teenagers who are still living under their parents' roof or who are being closely monitored by teachers or other authority figures. The term can be used to convey a sense of frustration or annoyance at the feeling of being constantly watched or monitored.

Examples of PLOM used in texting:

1. "I can't hang out tonight, my parents are PLOM."
2. "I have to be careful what I post on social media, PLOM."
3. "I feel like I can't make any decisions on my own, PLOM all the time."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "plom"

plom :
parents looking over me
plomb :
parents looking over my back
ploms :
parent looking over my shoulder

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