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Usage of PERV

The term "PERV" is an abbreviated version of the word "pervert" which refers to someone who behaves in a sexually inappropriate or abnormal manner. It can be used to describe someone who engages in activities that are considered immoral or offensive, such as voyeurism, indecent exposure, or sexual harassment. The term is generally considered derogatory and is often used to express disgust or disapproval towards someone's behavior.

Examples of PERV used in texting:

1. Person A: "I saw Bob spying on his neighbor through her window again yesterday."
Person B: "Ugh, what a PERV."

2. Person A: "Did you hear about the guy who got caught exposing himself in the park?"
Person B: "That's so gross. What a PERV."

3. Person A: "I can't believe John keeps making inappropriate jokes towards our female coworkers."
Person B: "Yeah, he's a total PERV."

Examples of PERV used in texting

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perv :

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