Definition & Meaning of "PAS"

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pas :
parent at side

Usage of PAS

The abbreviation "PAS" is commonly used in texting to inform the person you are chatting with that one of your parents is present with you, often requiring you to pause the conversation or limit your responses. It is an abbreviation for "parent at side," frequently used by teenagers or young adults trying to communicate with their peers while being watched or listened to by their parents. This abbreviation is widely accepted, especially on social media platforms, where brevity is often essential to convey messages efficiently.

Examples of PAS used in texting:

1. Sorry, I can't text too much right now. PAS, and they need my attention.
2. PAS but I'll try texting you back later this evening.
3. Hey! How's it going? PAS here, so I can't chat for too long.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pas"

pas :
parent at side
pasii :
put a sock in it

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