Definition & Meaning of "PAE"

What does pae mean? View the definition of pae and all related slang terms containing pae below:

pae :
Pimpin aint easy

Usage of PAE

The abbreviation 'PAE' is used to convey the idea that being a pimp is a difficult job that requires a significant amount of effort and skill. This phrase is often used as a way of acknowledging the challenges of being a pimp while also highlighting the power that comes with the job. Whether used in a humorous or serious context, 'PAE' is a shorthand way of referring to the life of a pimp.

Example of PAE used in texting:

1. "Yo, just got off work and I'm exhausted. PAE is no joke when you're dealing with high maintenance clients." (Example of PAE used in a work context)

2. "Just saw a guy trying to sell his mixtape on the street corner. PAE is alive and well in this city." (Example of PAE used in an observation)

3. "My friend thinks he's a pimp now after getting a few phone numbers from girls at the club. I had to remind him that PAE is not just about getting digits." (Example of PAE used in a humorous context)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pae"

pae :
Pimpin aint easy

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