Definition & Meaning of "P2P"

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p2p :
peer to peer

Usage of P2P

"P2P" or "peer to peer" refers to a type of network where computers or devices communicate directly with each other without the need for a central server or intermediary. In this type of network, each device acts as both a server and a client, allowing for the exchange of files, data, or resources such as software or hardware.

Examples of P2P used in texting:

1. Example of P2P used in texting: Hey, can you send me that file through P2P? I don't want to go through the hassle of uploading it to a cloud service.
2. Example of P2P used in texting: Have you ever used a P2P network for sharing music or movies? It's pretty fast and efficient.
3. Example of P2P used in texting: We don't need to use a third-party app to transfer those photos. Let's just connect our phones via P2P and share them directly.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "p2p"

p2p :
peer to peer

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