Definition & Meaning of "OOC"

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ooc :
out of character

Usage of OOC

In online role-playing games or forums, players may use the abbreviation "OOC" to indicate that they are speaking or writing "out of character." This means that they are temporarily stepping out of their character's perspective to communicate directly with another player, make a comment or ask a question that doesn't relate to the story or plot, or engage in other forms of conversation that isn't part of the game. By establishing this boundary, players can maintain a clear distinction between the fictional world they are creating and their real-life selves.

Example of OOC used in texting:
1. Person 1: "Hey, OOC, what's your favorite hobby in real life?"
2. Person 2: "OOC, I have to go AFK for 10 minutes to take care of something."
3. Person 3: "OOC, nice to meet you too! Let's get started with the game."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ooc"

foocl :
falls out of chair laughing
jooc :
just out of curiosity
jooce :
ooc :
out of character

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