Definition & Meaning of "NOTY"

What does noty mean? View the definition of noty and all related slang terms containing noty below:

noty :
no thank you

Usage of NOTY

NOTY is a slang abbreviation that stands for "no thank you". It is commonly used in online and text conversations as a way to decline an offer or invitation in a casual manner. By using NOTY, the individual can express their polite refusal in a concise and efficient way without causing any offense.

Examples of NOTY used in texting:

1) Friend: "Hey, want to come over and watch a movie tonight?"
You: "NOTY, I already have plans tonight."

2) Family member: "Would you like to come to dinner with us tonight?"
You: "NOTY, I'm not feeling well and need to rest."

3) Co-worker: "Do you want to grab lunch together tomorrow?"
You: "NOTY, I brought my own lunch from home."

These three examples show how NOTY can be used in different situations to politely decline an offer or invitation. It is a simple and effective way of communicating a negative response without any negative connotations.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "noty"

noty :
no thank you

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