Definition & Meaning of "NJ"

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nj :
Nice job

Usage of NJ

In texting, abbreviations are commonly used to save time and space. One such abbreviation is 'NJ', which means 'Nice job'. It is a short and simple way to acknowledge someone's achievement or effort. It's most commonly used in professional settings, such as work or school, but it can also be used between friends and family.

Examples of NJ used in texting:

1. Friend 1: I just aced my math test!
Friend 2: NJ!

2. Boss: Thank you for finishing that report on time.
Employee: Glad I could help. NJ!

3. Teacher: Your presentation was well-done and informative.
Student: Thank you! NJ for the feedback.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nj"

nj :
Nice job
njoy :
njp :
nice job partner

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