Definition & Meaning of "NAYL"

What does nayl mean? View the definition of nayl and all related slang terms containing nayl below:

nayl :
in a while

Usage of NAYL

The abbreviation NAYL is commonly used in texting to mean 'in a while'. It is often used when someone needs to go offline or take a break from the conversation but plans to return later. For instance, if you are chatting with a friend and need to do some homework or run an errand, you can say "I'll talk to you NAYL" to let them know that you'll be back soon.

Example of NAYL used in texting:

1. "Hey, I gotta go pick up my sister from practice. Talk to you NAYL!"
2. "Sorry, I have to finish this report for work. Let's catch up NAYL."
3. "I'm going to take a nap now. I'll reply to your message NAYL."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nayl"

nayl :
in a while

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