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muvva :

Usage of MUVVA

The abbreviation 'MUVVA' is a slang term used to refer to one's mother. It is often used in informal settings, such as text messaging or on social media. This abbreviation is typically used as a term of endearment or affection, as it can be seen as a more intimate or personal way to refer to one's mother.

Examples of MUVVA used in texting:

1. "Hey, I'm going to be home late tonight. Can you let MUVVA know for me?" (Example of MUVVA used in texting to refer to one's own mother)
2. "Just got off the phone with MUVVA. She sends her love and says to call her back soon!" (Example of MUVVA used in texting to refer to someone else's mother)
3. "Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing muvvas out there! You deserve all the love and recognition today." (Example of MUVVA used in a general message to refer to all mothers)

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muvva :

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