Definition & Meaning of "MRAU"

What does mrau mean? View the definition of mrau and all related slang terms containing mrau below:

mrau :
message received and understood

Usage of MRAU

The abbreviation MRAU in texting stands for "Message Received And Understood". It is commonly used to acknowledge that a message has been received and comprehended. MRAU is an informal way of indicating to the sender that the message has been read and understood without the need for a lengthy response.

Examples of MRAU used in texting:
1. Sender: Hey, can you grab some milk on your way home?
Receiver: Sure, MRAU.

2. Sender: Let's meet at the coffee shop at 3 pm.
Receiver: MRAU. See you there.

3. Sender: Don't forget to bring your ID for the concert tonight.
Receiver: MRAU, thanks for reminding me.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mrau"

mrau :
message received and understood

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