Definition & Meaning of "MPGIS"

What does mpgis mean? View the definition of mpgis and all related slang terms containing mpgis below:

mpgis :
most popular girl in school

Usage of MPGIS

The abbreviation MPGIS stands for "most popular girl in school." It is used to refer to the girl in high school who is considered the most well-liked, often by her peers and maybe even by the faculty. The most popular girl in school is usually admired for her looks, social skills, and status. She often sits at the top of the social hierarchy and is well-known by everyone in the school.

Example of MPGIS used in texting:
1. "OMG, did you hear that Jessica was voted MPGIS for this year's yearbook?"
2. "I can't believe Emma got invited to the MPGIS's party tonight."
3. "I saw a picture of the new girl on Instagram, she could totally be the next MPGIS."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mpgis"

mpgis :
most popular girl in school

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