Definition & Meaning of "MMTYH"

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mmtyh :
My mom thinks you're hot

Usage of MMTYH

The abbreviation MMTYH is a way to convey that someone's mother thinks the recipient is attractive. It may be used in a playful or flirtatious way, as a compliment. This abbreviation is often used in texting or online communication where people are looking for shortened ways to convey complex ideas.

Examples of MMTYH used in texting:

1. Person A: "Hey, I saw you hang out with my mom today. What's up with that?"

Person B: "Lol, don't worry about it. MMTYH ;) "

2. Person A: "Did you hear what my mom said about you last night?"

Person B: "No, what did she say?"

Person A: "MMTYH"

3. Person A: "Hey, I have a crush on someone but I don't know if they're into me too."

Person B: "What's their name?"

Person A: "It's you, MMTYH."

Examples of MMTYH used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mmtyh"

mmtyh :
My mom thinks you're hot

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