Definition & Meaning of "MHO"

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mho :
My Humble Opinion

Usage of MHO

The term MHO is an abbreviation that is often used in texting to preface one's opinion or suggestion. The phrase "my humble opinion" is typically used to preface a statement that may not be taken as fact but rather as a personal belief or perspective. MHO is most commonly used on social media platforms, message forums, and online chats.

Example 1:

Person A: Do you think we should go to the concert tonight?
Person B: MHO, I think we should skip it and go out for dinner instead.

Example 2:

Person A: Have you tried that new sushi place down the street?
Person B: MHO, it's not the best sushi I've ever had, but it's decent for the price.

Example 3:

Person A: What's your opinion on the new iPhone release?
Person B: MHO, I don't think it's worth the upgrade unless you really need the new camera features.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "mho"

imho :
in my humble opinion
lmho :
laughing my heiny off
Lmhoirl :
Laughing My Head Off In Real Life
mho :
My Humble Opinion
my hat is off to you
roflmho :
Rolling on the floor laughing my head off
rotflmho :
rolling on the floor laughing my head off
smho :
Screaming My Head Off

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