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m8s :

Usage of M8S

M8S is an abbreviation for 'mates' which refers to a group of friends who share a bond and trust each other. Mates are those friends who are always there for you, whether you need help or just someone to hang out with. They are people who share common interests, hobbies, and experiences, and create a supportive network of people.

Example of M8S used in texting:

1. Hey, M8S! I'm planning a beach party this weekend, are you guys in?
(Example of M8S used in texting as an introduction to invite friends to a party)

2. Just met up with the M8S at the park. We played frisbee and had some beers. It was great catching up with them!
(Example of M8S used in texting as a description of hangout with friends)

3. Feeling grateful for my M8S. They surprised me with a birthday cake and balloons. Such cherished moments!
(Example of M8S used in texting as an expression of appreciation for friends on a special occasion)

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m8s :

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