Definition & Meaning of "M4M"

What does m4m mean? View the definition of m4m and all related slang terms containing m4m below:

m4m :
male for male

Usage of M4M

The abbreviation M4M is a shorthand used in online communication to signify that an individual is seeking a male partner for a romantic or sexual relationship. This abbreviation typically appears in the context of social media posts, personal ads, or dating applications. By utilizing this abbreviation, individuals can signal their interests and intentions to potential partners without having to elaborate or explain themselves at length.

Examples of M4M used in texting:
1. Looking for a chill guy to hang out with tonight, M4M. HMU if you're interested!
2. Hey, I saw your profile and you seem like a cool dude. Are you open to meeting up for a drink? M4M, obviously.
3. Not really sure what I'm looking for, but I'm open to meeting new people. M4M, but happy to chat with anyone who's chill.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "m4m"

m4m :
male for male

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