Definition & Meaning of "LY2"

What does ly2 mean? View the definition of ly2 and all related slang terms containing ly2 below:

ly2 :
love you to

Usage of LY2

The abbreviation LY2 is commonly used in texting and stands for 'love you to.' It is a quick and easy way to express love and affection towards someone without having to type out the full phrase. Typically, it is used at the end of a conversation or in a more casual setting.

Examples of LY2 used in texting:
1. Hey mom, just wanted to say goodnight and LY2!
2. Thanks for always being there for me, LY2 bestie.
3. Can't wait to see you later, LY2 babe.

Overall, LY2 is a simple yet meaningful way to express love and appreciation towards someone in a text message.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ly2"

ily2 :
i love you too
ly2 :
love you to

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