Definition & Meaning of "LURKER"

What does lurker mean? View the definition of lurker and all related slang terms containing lurker below:

lurker :
one who reads but doesn't reply

Usage of LURKER

The term 'LURKER' refers to a person who reads posts, messages or comments on social media or online forums, but doesn't actively engage by replying or commenting back. The LURKER is essentially a passive observer who prefers to consume information without contributing to the discussion. In many instances, lurkers may be present in large online communities, where they use the platform to gather valuable information or gain insights into different topics without actually participating in the conversation.

Example of LURKER Used in Texting:
1. A: "Hey, did you see what John posted in the group chat?"
B: "Yeah, I did. I'm more of a LURKER in those chats, so I don't usually reply."

2. A: "Why don't you ever comment on my posts on Instagram?"
B: "I'm more of a LURKER on social media, just scrolling through without giving feedback."

3. A: "I noticed you haven't replied to the messages in the group chat for a while now."
B: "Yeah, sorry about that. I'm more of a LURKER; I like reading the messages but don't feel compelled to reply."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lurker"

lurker :
one who reads but doesn't reply

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