Definition & Meaning of "LUB"

What does lub mean? View the definition of lub and all related slang terms containing lub below:

lub :
laugh under breath

Usage of LUB

The abbreviation 'LUB' is a slang term often used in online communication and texting, which stands for 'laugh under breath.' This means that the person is laughing at something, but not loudly or uncontrollably. It can be considered a more subdued form of laughter, typically used when something is only slightly amusing or when the person does not want to draw attention to themselves.

Example of LUB used in texting:

1. Friend: Did you hear that joke I told you earlier?
You: Yeah, I did. It was pretty funny. LUB

2. Colleague: That meeting was so boring.
You: I know, right? I was about to fall asleep. LUB

3. Family Member: Remember that time you accidentally spilled juice on your shirt?
You: Oh my gosh, yes. I was so embarrassed. LUB

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lub"

lub :
laugh under breath

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