Definition & Meaning of "LTNT"

What does ltnt mean? View the definition of ltnt and all related slang terms containing ltnt below:

ltnt :
long time no talk

Usage of LTNT

The abbreviation LTNT is often used in texting and online communication to express that it has been a while since the last time two people talked. It is typically used as a friendly greeting to acknowledge that the conversation has been dormant for an extended period. The abbreviation is a quick and convenient way to acknowledge a long period of silence between two people, and it establishes a more informal tone to the subsequent conversation.

Examples of LTNT used in texting:
1. Hey, how have you been? LTNT!
2. I was just thinking about you today, LTNT!
3. I miss chatting with you, LTNT! How's life been treating you?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ltnt"

lltnt :
live like theres no tomorrow
ltnt :
long time no talk

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