Definition & Meaning of "LMOAO"

What does lmoao mean? View the definition of lmoao and all related slang terms containing lmoao below:

lmoao :
Laughing my Other Ass Off

Usage of LMOAO

LMOAO is an abbreviation often used in texting and social media to express that something is extremely funny. The abbreviation stands for 'Laughing my Other Ass Off'. It is similar to the more commonly known abbreviation 'Lmao', which stands for 'Laughing my Ass Off'. While they both express laughter, LMOAO adds an extra emphasis on the humor of the situation.

Example of LMOAO used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "I just saw a squirrel water skiing on the lake"
Friend 2: "LMOAO, that's hilarious!"

2. Person 1: "I just tripped and fell in front of everyone at the mall"
Person 2: "LMOAO, I wish I was there to see it!"

3. Girl 1: "I accidentally texted my ex instead of my best friend"
Girl 2: "LMOAO, that's so awkward!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lmoao"

lmoao :
Laughing my Other Ass Off

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