Definition & Meaning of "LMHAO"

What does lmhao mean? View the definition of lmhao and all related slang terms containing lmhao below:

lmhao :
laughing my hairy ass off

Usage of LMHAO

The abbreviation LMHAO is a slang term that stands for 'laughing my hairy ass off.' It is typically used during texting or online conversations to indicate that someone finds something extremely funny. The term is considered to be quite informal and is not usually appropriate for professional or formal settings.

Examples of LMHAO used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "I just saw a video of a cat falling off a couch, and it landed on its feet!"
Friend 2: "LMHAO! That's hilarious!"

2. Person 1: "Did you hear about the guy who accidentally sprayed himself with pepper spray?"
Person 2: "No, what happened?"
Person 1: "He became temporarily blind and couldn't stop sneezing!"
Person 2: "LMHAO! That's priceless!"

3. Text from parent: "Please remember to clean your room before your grandparents come over tonight."
Reply from teenager: "Ok, I'll do it. LMHAO at the thought of grandma inspecting my room!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lmhao"

lmhao :
laughing my hairy ass off

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