Definition & Meaning of "LIITA"

What does liita mean? View the definition of liita and all related slang terms containing liita below:

liita :
love is in the air

Usage of LIITA

The abbreviation LIITA is a catchy and fun way of expressing the feeling of love being in the air. It is often used when people feel the romantic vibe in their environment or when they are experiencing the first stages of a relationship. This abbreviation can also be used as a playful way of announcing their own love status to friends or loved ones.

Examples of LIITA used in texting:

1) Hey Sarah, I just bumped into Jake and I swear there was LIITA all around us!
2) If you're looking for me tonight, I'll be at home with my boo soaking up all the LIITA!
3) I can't wait for our date tomorrow, I have this feeling that LIITA is going to be all around us.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "liita"

liita :
love is in the air

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