Definition & Meaning of "LGF"

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lgf :
little green footballs

Usage of LGF

LGF stands for 'little green footballs', which is an intriguing expression that refers to a range of things, depending on the context. LGF could refer to small green structures that look like footballs, or it could be an internet slang term used to describe a blog or a website. The phrase 'little green footballs' was originally used to describe the golf balls that were used in mini-golf games. However, over time, it has taken on different meanings.

Example of LGF used in texting:
1. My friend's blog has some really interesting articles on it, have you checked out LGF yet?
2. I found an old box of mini-golf balls, LGF, do you want to come play with me?
3. LGF is trending among bloggers, let's start a blog together!

Examples of LGF used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lgf"

lgf :
little green footballs
rlgf :
Real Life Girl Friend

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