Definition & Meaning of "LBO"

What does lbo mean? View the definition of lbo and all related slang terms containing lbo below:

lbo :
laughing butt off

Usage of LBO

The abbreviation LBO is a playful and humorous way of expressing amusement or finding something extremely funny to the point of laughing uncontrollably. It can be used as an abbreviation for 'laughing butt off' or 'laughing bottom off' and is often used in informal texting or messaging.

Examples of LBO used in texting:
1. "OMG, I just saw a video of a cat trying to catch a mouse and falling off the table. LBO!"
2. "You won't believe what my little sister just said. She asked if birds have knees. LBO!"
3. "I can't stop laughing at the meme you sent me. It's too funny. LBO!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lbo"

igalboc :
I've got a lovely bunch of cocnuts
lbo :
laughing butt off
ulbom :
you looked better on myspace

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