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latr :

Usage of LATR

The abbreviation LATR is a shorthand way of writing the word 'Later.' It is commonly used in texting to convey that the sender will speak to the recipient at a later time, without having to spell out the entire word. This abbreviation is particularly common among younger generations, who are more likely to rely on texting as a form of communication.

Example of LATR used in texting:

1. Hey, I'm in the middle of something right now, can we catch up LATR?
2. Sorry, I have to run to a meeting, I'll text you LATR to discuss further.
3. Just saw your message, can't talk now but will call you LATR.

All of these examples show how LATR can be used as an abbreviation to convey the message that the sender will respond or get back to the recipient at a later time.

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latr :

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