Definition & Meaning of "L4L"

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l4l :
like for like

Usage of L4L

The term L4L is commonly used in social media, particularly on Instagram. It stands for "like for like," indicating that a person will like someone's post if they also receive a like in return. This is often done to gain more visibility and followers on the platform.

Example of L4L used in texting:
1. Hey! I just posted a new picture. Can you do L4L to help me reach more people?
2. Can we do L4L on our Instagram pages? I need more engagement on my posts.
3. I'll like your latest post if you do L4L and like mine too. Sound good?

Examples of L4L used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "l4l"

l4l :
like for like

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