Definition & Meaning of "KMSL"

What does kmsl mean? View the definition of kmsl and all related slang terms containing kmsl below:

kmsl :
killing myself laughing

Usage of KMSL

The slang term KMSL is an abbreviation that stands for the phrase 'killing myself laughing.' It is often used to express a person's amusement or joy after hearing or reading something funny. This abbreviation is commonly used on various social media platforms, chat rooms, and in texting conversations. The term has become a popular way to convey extreme laughter or humor without typing out the entire statement.

Examples of KMSL used in texting:

1. Hey! Have you seen that new comedy show on Netflix? I watched the first episode last night, and it had me KMSL.
2. I sent my friend a hilarious meme, and we were both KMSL for a good 10 minutes straight.
3. My mom tried to be funny by telling me a cheesy joke, and it was so bad I was KMSL for hours.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kmsl"

kmsl :
killing myself laughing

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