Definition & Meaning of "KIR"

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kir :
kid in room

Usage of KIR

The abbreviation KIR is commonly used in texting to refer to a kid in the room. This is used to indicate that there may be a child present while the conversation is taking place or that the person texting needs to be mindful of their language or topics. Using KIR can help avoid awkward or uncomfortable situations and ensure that conversations are appropriate for all present.

Examples of KIR used in texting:

1. "Hey, can we catch up later? KIR right now and I don't want to wake them up."
2. "I can't talk about that right now, KIR and I don't want them overhearing anything."
3. "Just got home, KIR but we can still chat. How was your day?"

Examples of KIR used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kir"

kir :
kid in room

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