Definition & Meaning of "KINDA"

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kinda :
kind of

Usage of KINDA

The abbreviation 'KINDA' is a shortened form of the phrase 'kind of'. It means to some extent or somewhat. It's usually used in informal conversations and to express a feeling with a level of uncertainty. The word 'KINDA' is often used in text messages or online chats to save time and space. By using 'KINDA', the writer can express their opinion or thought without writing a full sentence.

Examples of KINDA used in texting:

1. Hey, wanna hang out tonight? I'm KINDA tired, but I'll come if you really want me to. (Example of KINDA being used to express uncertainty)

2. I KINDA miss you already. (Example of KINDA being used to express a feeling)

3. That movie was KINDA boring, but the ending was really good. (Example of KINDA being used to express an opinion)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kinda"

kinda :
kind of

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