Definition & Meaning of "ISHII"

What does ishii mean? View the definition of ishii and all related slang terms containing ishii below:

ishii :
i see how it is

Usage of ISHII

The abbreviation 'ISHII' is often used in texting as a way to express disappointment or frustration when someone has done something that the speaker disagrees with. It can also be used to acknowledge that the speaker understands the situation, but may not necessarily agree with it. Overall, it is a way to express a certain level of discontent in a lighthearted and abbreviated fashion.

Examples of ISHII used in texting:

1) Friend: "Hey, sorry I can't make it tonight. Something came up."

You: "ISHII, I guess I'll see you another time."

2) Crush: "I'm seeing someone else."

You: "ISHII, I had a feeling. It's all good though."

3) Parent: "You need to be home by 10 pm tonight."

You: "ISHII, I was hoping to stay out later, but I understand."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ishii"

ishii :
i see how it is

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