Definition & Meaning of "ISDC"

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isdc :
I so don't care

Usage of ISDC

The abbreviation ISDC is commonly used in online communication, particularly through text messaging or social media. The abbreviation stands for "I so don't care," indicating that the person receiving the message has shown disinterest or apathy towards a particular topic. This slang phrase is often used in a playful or sarcastic manner, implying that the topic at hand is not worth discussing or worrying about.

Examples of ISDC used in texting:

1. Friend: "Did you hear about the latest drama between Sarah and John?"
You: "ISDC. Their drama is getting old."

2. Family member: "Why don't you come visit us this weekend?"
You: "I have plans already, ISDC."

3. Coworker: "Did you see the meeting agenda for tomorrow?"
You: "ISDC, I already know what to expect."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "isdc"

isdc :
I so don't care

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