Definition & Meaning of "IOU"

What does iou mean? View the definition of iou and all related slang terms containing iou below:

iou :
i owe you

Usage of IOU

IOU stands for "I Owe You". It is used as an informal way of acknowledging a debt. The debtor expresses their recognition that they owe something to the creditor, and the creditor knows that they will receive payment. IOUs can often be used in place of a formal receipt when borrowing or lending money or goods.

Sample Text Messages:

1. Hey Amy, sorry I left without paying you last night. IOU $20.
2. Just borrowed $200 from Joe, thanks! IOU.
3. Hey Jack, can you lend me $50? IOU.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iou"

gbioua :
Go blow it out your ass
iou :
i owe you
sexilicious :
Very Sexy

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